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Printer ink and inkjet ink refill kits.
Our printer ink refill is formulated for your printer.

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Ink Cartridge Refill Kits
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What We Do...
We specialize in inkjet cartridge refill kits and bulk printer ink for a wide range of printer makes and models.
Refill kits - $17.95 black and $22.95 color (for three times as much printer ink as our competitors)
Special savings on bulk ink !

Our products include...
Ink Cartridge Refill Kits
- Easy, quick, clean AND you save 80%+ of the cost of a new inkjet cartridge each time you refill!
Check out the sidebar for your printer model.
Bulk Ink - After you have purchased the printer ink refill kit, you need only buy bulk printer  ink to bring your cost per refill down even further! Perfect for high volume users, schools and small businesses.

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  • is owned by Faith Unlimited Inc.

  • Christian owned and operated

  • Christian business ethicsOur printer ink is made in the USA

  • Customer satisfaction is our goal

  • All customer information is kept confidential

  • Our printer ink is made in the USA

  • Our printer ink is an identical match to the OEM inks, it is not universal ink.

  • Serving our customer's ink needs for over 15 Years.

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We carry Ink Cartridge Refill Kits and Bulk Cartridge Ink for:

  • Black Refill Kits come with 125ml of printer ink. (three times as much as other refill kits)
  • Color Refill Kits come with 60ml of each color ink (three times as much as other refill kits)
  • Special Savings on Bulk Ink

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  • All products carry a 100% satisfactions guarantee:

  • You simply can't lose... If you want to order, I insist you do entirely at our risk
  • That is why our printer inks comes with a ... No Risk, 100% unconditional money-back guarantee
  • There is absolutely No Risk on your part... What I mean is, I want you to order without feeling you might "get taken". After all, we are a very respected worldwide supplier of printer inks and our reputation is on the line.
  • Order a refill kit today... try it, use it... if for any reason you aren't completely satisfied, simply return it for an immediate refund of your purchase price.

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Refilling Ink Cartridges Vs. Purchasing New Cartridges for Homes

Many people often use inkjet printers for their household printing requirements. However, this can be an expensive option when it comes to maintenance, especially with company specific printer ink cartridges. These are not only very expensive but the quantity of ink in many such cartridges are less than the maximum capacity of the cartridge. However, there is a quick fix to this problem in inkjet ink refill solutions from Printer Filling Station. Here are some tips to remember when refilling your cartridges.

Focus on quality

Refilling your old ink cartridges will not only save you time and money but the right service can provide you with high print quality. Services such as Printer Filling Station make use of the best manufacturing standards and produce ink that is identical to OEM inks. As a result, printer ink refill can get you a very fine print quality at a much lesser price compared to buying fresh cartridges.

Right quantity

When it comes to ink refill, the quantity of ink being filled matters a lot. A cartridge is designed only to hold specific amount of ink within it. This quantity varies greatly from one manufacturer to the other. As a result, it is very important to have in-depth knowledge of different cartridges before making the refill. Popular printer ink refill services such as Printer Filling Station have vast amount of expertise when it comes to inkjet ink. As a result, you will be able to avoid spillage and make sure that your cartridges last longer while also saving you significant amount of money.

Leave it to the professionals

Refilling your old cartridges may seem like a straight forward job, but it is very important that you leave it to the professionals. The DIY route is generally not the most recommended way to go about with printer ink refill. DIY refill can cause several problems that can damage not only your prints but also your printer significantly. Not knowing the exact amount of ink a cartridge will hold can make you overfill the cartridge leading to spillage. This should be kept in mind because while using refilled cartridges does not make your warranty void, any damage due to such cartridges can lead to a void warranty. (6)

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