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Cleaning Your Printer Head

Cleaning Your Printer Head

Printers have become so versatile that people use them all the time. These uses sometimes lead to clogging the printer head. Cleaning your printer head usually happens when the printer gets clogged and the print quality suffers. It is a quick and easy process if done the right way. However, keep in mind that cleaning the printer head consumes printer ink. Here are some tips to it the right way and prevent further wasting of ink.

Self Clean Program:

You can use the nozzle check utility before cleaning to be sure that your printer heads are in need of cleaning. This saves more ink. If the ink out is flashing, then it is not time to clean the printer head yet. Replace the cartridge first. But if you get positive results, opt to clean your printer head.

Turn on your printer. Click on the Start Button and choose the control panel. On Printers and other hardware, browse through installed printers and right click the printer’s name. Under printing preferences is the maintenance. These steps will lead you to the button for cleaning your print heads. Make sure there are still papers then click on execute. Turning off or restarting the printer while the cleaning is happening might completely damage the computer. Do not turn it off.

Two images will show up on your screen. On first one, the grid and colors are clear and sharp. On the second one, some grids and boxes are missing and the printer ink is blotched. If the first one shows up printed on the paper, then you are finished. If the second one is what you see, choose the cleaning button. Repeat it again to make sure your printer head is clean. But if this happens again after the second try, you can choose deep cleaning from the maintenance option.

Soak Method:

Here are some other ways to clean up the printer head while using up less printer ink. Soak Q-tips in water and use it to brush the printer heads. You can also use a cleaning kit to clean your printer with regularly. Ammonia can remove dried ink from printer heads. The easiest way is to cover your printer when not in use. This not only prevents the ink from dying but it also protects the device from dust and other harsh elements.

While it is very easy to clean your printer head, it is a better idea to perform a preventive measure on your printer. Printer heads dry out for the simple reason that the ink cartridges has dried out. Do not let the printer rest with empty cartridges. Another reason for clogging is when the printer is not used for a long time. A simple solution to this is to print regularly; a page or two would suffice. Doing this would use up less printer ink. Also print a picture in colored to maintain the cartridge. Air bubbles may disrupt printing if the cartridge is not returned properly. Make sure to this to prevent further printing disruption.

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