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How to Use Your Ink Refill Kit Properly

Despite all the good things about having a printer, sadly it still has a downside to it. The printing process is great, easy and reliable. However, the price of new cartridges can make anyone cringe. Even the cheapest ink cartridges sell at a price a lot of consumers may have second thoughts on taking on.

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It may be tolerable especially for personal use printers. But for office use or business use, bulk prices may prove to be a bit too much than any sane businessman can handle. This is what led to people exploring options other than buying fresh cartridges for their printers. True enough, one day, the ink refill kit was made available to the world. This kit consists of tools that you can use to manually refill your cartridges with fresh ink. The steps are easy to follow, but may require a certain degree of skill to perform without causing the occasional mess.

The first step is injecting the ink to the cartridge. This process depends on the design of the cartridge. Some may have a hole on top, others have parts you can lift. The ink bottle is equipped with a needle tip to ensure a clean injection. You have to make sure to be weary of this process to prevent bubble formation and to prevent spilling. Be especially careful when refilling the cartridge housing the primary colors.

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One small mistake and the colors could mix, and then you'll be back to square one. Injecting the ink is quite easy. After this process, test the cartridge by running the printer with the fresh ink installed. At some point you may notice flowing ink which could mean you have put on too much.

As a remedy, you should try running the native printer cleaning utility. If it doesn't work, remove the cartridge and take out some of the excess ink. The third process is cleaning the print head. It is the last step and it is also situational. If you haven't changed your cartridge for a while you may find that the print head may have dried off and has caused blockage. This stuck up ink can easily be cleaned by using alcohol.

Use a soft towel to rub the tip and soften the dried ink. If this doesn't work put the print head in a shallow container with low level warm water. Let this sit overnight to soften the dried ink. It will most likely be ready the next day. Have in mind that opting to use an ink refill kit will void your warranty.

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An ink refill kit can noticeably lower your printing expenses. Most suppliers offer low prices for bulk orders so you might want to consider that option. But perhaps the greatest thing about the ink refill kit is its environmental implications. The more times you reuse your cartridge the more times you refrain from contributing waste to nature. It's like hitting two birds with one stone. It's cheap and it's also eco friendly. You also get to save a lot more without ever compromising the quality of your output.

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