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Refilling Ink Cartridge Problems

Refilling ink cartridge services can be found at most major office supply stores if you want to get your empty ink cartridges refilled. You can also buy an ink refill kit and refill your empty ink cartridges yourself. It is cheaper to refill your empty ink cartridge instead of buying a brand-new ink cartridge. However, refilling your ink cartridge improperly or refilling it too often may cause problems. Continue reading to learn more about the problems involved with refilling your ink cartridges and when you should buy a new ink cartridge.

Refilling an Ink Cartridge is Messy

Most printer owners simply search "refilling ink cartridge" on the internet, buy an ink refill kit and attempt to refill their empty ink cartridge themselves. However, most people make a mistake when refilling an ink cartridge. Some people spill the ink accidentally and cause a mess. Some people may also inject the ink too quickly and the ink leaks out of the cartridge. Printer ink is very difficult to wash off and nearly impossible to remove from carpet and clothing. Some people also pour out the leftover printer ink into a sink and the printer ink ends up staining the sink. Therefore, if you are not confident that you can refill your empty ink cartridge yourself, have a trained professional from refilling ink cartridge services do it for you.

Streaking When Printing

Sometimes, the ink from a refilled ink cartridge leaks out while it is in your printer. The ink could leak onto the printer head and reason unwanted ink streaks while your printer is printing a page. The leaking ink makes it difficult to print a clean page and causes your ink to run out quickly. Sometimes the streaks will disappear after a few printouts and sometimes the refilled cartridge will keep on ruining your pages. Refilling an ink cartridge improperly will usually cause the ink to leak out. Some refilling ink cartridge services offer to refill, clean, and test your ink cartridges for you to help prevent streaking.

Poor Print Quality and Clogging

If your ink cartridge has been refilled too many times or if you have used poor-quality printer ink, the quality of the printouts may become poor and clogging may occur.You can prevent poor print quality and clogging by buying high quality printer ink or buying printer ink that is designed for your printer brand and model. You can also solve this problem by replacing your existing ink cartridge with a brand-new ink cartridge. Some printer owners attempt to solve this problem by running their printer's nozzle cleaning tool. Cleaning the printer's nozzle using the cleaning tool may help solve the problem, but the printer uses up ink every time you run the tool.

If you have been running the cleaning tool repeatedly but the poor print quality and clogging persists, then you may have to buy a new ink cartridge for your printer. Some office supply stores offer discounts on new ink cartridges if you give them your old ink cartridges.

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